The Resource Newsletter – November 2021

Contactless Legal Services Are Here to Stay

As a society, we all learned important lessons about technology, work, relationships, and health amid the coronavirus pandemic, but for millions of individuals and families two specific takeaways became more significant than ever. The pandemic has reshaped much of everyday life activity, including how employees work and handle their personal affairs. Most companies have decided against returning to 100% in-person communications. Consumers expect to maintain the option to receive service in person or from the convenience of their own homes.

LegalShield is working diligently to continue the successful execution of the contactless service delivery model we introduced nearly a half-century ago and will continue to enhance the member experience and overall satisfaction – not only as the result of the legal matter but throughout the entire service experience.

These increases in services reflect the mindset and needs of employees during this pandemic. Read full article here.

For information on offering LegalShield, please contact Cheryl today!

As Pandemic Relief Programs Expire, Initial Consumer Concern is on the Horizon

LegalShield released its October Economic Stress Index (ESI) and despite the economic challenges faced by consumers, LegalShield’s data show that overall consumer stress remains muted as we enter the final quarter of the year. Thus far, the Economic Stress Index has not increased despite the Delta variant’s impact on employment, the expiration of federal unemployment insurance programs, and rising rent and housing costs. 

However, demand for legal services related to employment and landlord-tenant issues rose in the third quarter, suggesting that some consumers are facing uncertainty about what the expiration of pandemic-era support measures will mean for their financial situations.

LegalShield saw the following year-over-year increases in legal service requests*:

  • Immigration matters 13.6%
  • Landlord/Tenant 13.4%
  • Real Estate 9.2%

*Based on company-wide data.

If this trend continues, it could translate into a broader increase in financial stress and slower spending.

Read the full press release here.

To learn more about our LegalShield’s suite of legal protection plans and supplemental offerings,  please contact Cheryl today.

New Online LegalShield Member Portal

LegalShield plan participants will now enjoy a vastly improved online experience with the introduction of an enhanced online LegalShield Member Portal! The portal will now mirror our recently enhanced mobile app, making it even easier and faster to connect to a reputable lawyer and share documentation and photos to support case initiation. 

For more information on LegalShield and LegalShield’s customer experience, please contact Cheryl today.

New IDShield Features

New! Trend Micro Maxim Security

The cloud-based AI technology offered by Trend Micro delivers highly effective and proactive protection against ever-evolving malware infections.

New! VPN Proxy One

Convenient protection anywhere you connect, including hotels, cafes, offices, and schools through encrypted communications provided by Trend Micro’s VPN Proxy One. Filters help block malicious websites, online fraud, and internet scams. Full anonymity no location or online activity tracking. Safeguards provided when you connect to a risky WiFi network.  

New! Password Manager

Get multiple device protection and privacy for your digital life.

  • Helps block dangerous websites
  • Manages and encrypts passwords
  • Saves time
  • Identity and change weak passwords
  • Gives you control
  • Creates unique, tough to hack passwords

Protect Your Business Against Cyberattacks – Affordably.

A cyberattack can damage more than just your small or mid-size business networks – it can also devastate your business’s reputation and put your customers and employees at risk. By scanning your networks, we help you discover and address vulnerabilities while staying on top of new risks. And we’ll provide you with a specialist to help resolve the vulnerabilities remotely. In the event that your business is hacked, related expenses up to $100K with a Cyber – Protection Plan will help to put your business back on track quickly. IDShield for Business provides the essential layers to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from a cyberattack. Learn more here.

Our 2021 LegalShield Community Outreach

This past year brought many different challenges for families and businesses. Through it all, LegalShield and IDShield have been there providing assistance, resources, and peace of mind for you and others just like you.

My goal is to help as many families and businesses, as possible, to know about our services. If you have any family or friends who could benefit from our services, or if you know any business owners/ executives who could benefit from our Business Legal Plans, please have them contact me directly. It would be my pleasure to provide them with one-on-one, personalized assistance.

On behalf of our Provider Law Firms, Fraud Investigators and myself, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and. your family.

Read the full article here.

Cheryl Garcia

Cheryl Blum Garcia,
Benefit & Broker Specialist
LegalShield Business Solutions


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