The Resource – March 2023

Legal and IDT Benefits Help with Financial Concerns

LegalShield Plans Provide Employees with Extra Support Amid Inflation Worries

Inflation has significantly raised the prices of groceries, gas, utlities, and more during the past year. Whether employees commute to the office or work remotely, they face pressure from all sides due to higher living costs. Beyond salary, employees increasingly look to their employers to help omprove financial wellness.

Emplpyers can accomplish this by offering relevant benefits, including emergency savings funds, student loan assistance, financial education and planning, and a legal protection plan like LegalSheild, Having affordable legal guidance can help protect vital assets and increase peace of mind.

LegalShield can help employees with comon personal financial legal matters including tax disputes, consumer finance issues, renter disputes with the landlord, and other finance-related legal problems including bankruptcy.

By offering LegalShield, employers provide their employees an opportunity to have direct access to an affordable and dedicated provider law firm.

Hiring a lawyer can costs an average of $300 per hour. On average, an employee enrolled in LegalShield saves $1,500 annually.

Read our full blog post on this topic.

For more information on LegalShield, please Contact Cheryl.

New! Enhanced Financial Protection with IDShield

In today’s economic climate, responsible financial management is important. IDShield helps employees monitor their financial accounts and detect fraud faster. For the 2023 plan year, IDShield now includes the following new and enhanced coverages:

  • Cryptocurrency wallet monitoring
  • Financial account transaction and subscription tracking
  • Enhanced credential monitoring

IDShield monitors employees financial accounts including credit cards, checking, savings, 401k, 403 (b), and 457 accounts, loans and more for any discrepancies. Employees will receive alerts notifying them of financial withdrawals, balance transfers and large purchases on financial accounts, if a transaction is made outside of a set monetary amount. The 25 most recent financial transactions will also now be tracked, and any detected reoccurring payments will be listed as subscriptions.

Employees can also now monitor their cryptocurrency wallets (i.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc). on the Dark Web. In addition, our credential monitoring system has been upgraded to include the raw passwords associated with monitored email addresses found on the Dark Web from data leaks.

For more information on IDShield, please contact Cheryl.

Did you Know? IDShield Can Help with Credit Health

March is National Credit Education Month and credit fraud is one of the most common types of identity theft. Credit is an important key indicator of one’s financial health. A credit score could be the difference between being able to take out a loan to buy a first home or not.

IDShield provides 1B and 3B credit monitoring plans and monitors participant’s credit, as well as provides a credit score tracker that is updated each month, allowing participants to track their credit score. IDShield’s identity theft specialists also provide credit counseling and education..

IDShield’s identity theft specialists can provide one-on-one education to help participants understand their valuable credit rating and actions that are likely to have an impact on their credit score. They can also provide counseling on debt management, financial budgeting, credit score health and more.

For more information on LegalShield and IDShield, please contact Cheryl at info@CherylGarcia.com or 720-371-1736 (text/mobile) www.CherylGarcia.com  

Legal Advice for Your Business

Small Business has big business problems but not big business resources. We give small business big business resources on a small business budget.

Protect Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, you play a lot of roles. But have you ever tried to act as your own lawyer? Small business owners know that without extensive legal knowledge trying to do it yourself can be risky. You could end up spending a lot more time and money than you planned. Professional legal help is a necessity for any business, trust LegalShield to protect you and your company.

With a small business plan from LegalShield, you can get the expert legal support you need without the huge legal bill. 

  • Join now and speak with a business attorney in as little as four hours https://cherylgarcia.com/smallbiz
  • Get help protecting and growing your business
  • Save thousands of dollars over hiring an attorney directly 

2023 The Year of Helping People and Businesses

My agency’s goal is to help as many families and businesses, as possible, to know about our services. If you have any family or friends who could benefit from our services, or if you know any business owners/ executives who could benefit from our Business Legal Plans, please have them contact me directly. It would be my pleasure to provide them with one-on-one, personalized assistance. 

Cheryl Garcia

Cheryl Blum Garcia,
Benefit & Broker Specialist
LegalShield Business Solutions



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