Ride Share & Delivery Supplement

Safeguard your livelihood with comprehensive legal protection.

Whether you drive for extra income or a full-time job, we’ll help you keep traveling smoothly. One too many traffic violations can make you a liability to companies that provide ride share and delivery services, which could end your ability to work for them. Aside from that, many ride share and delivery drivers use their personal vehicles, making legal assistance even more critical. As an addition to the LegalShield Legal Plan, drivers can now access our Ride Share and Delivery Supplement.

The Ride Share Supplement offers the following benefits of protection:

  • TELEPHONE CONSULTATION AND LEGAL RESEARCH – Receive phone consultation on an unlimited number of legal matters, along with up to two hours of legal research per issue. 

  • CALLS, LETTERS AND DOCUMENT REVIEW – Your provider lawyer can review documents (up to 15 pages) and make phone calls or send letters on your behalf. 

  • IRS AUDIT SERVICES – Receive legal services if audited by the IRS on your personal tax return for issues related to your income. 

  • TRAFFIC SERVICES – Get legal advice, consultation and defense for moving violations while you are engaged in ride share and delivery activities. 
  • 25% DISCOUNT – Receive a 25% discount off your provider law firm’s corporate hourly rate for additional legal services that are not fully covered by this plan.

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Personal Ride Share and Delivery Supplement

$14.95 per month (added to your legal plan)