Identity Theft Group benefits

If your employees became a victim of identity theft today, what would they do?

The reality is that they would lose productivity and focus at work while dealing with the fallout. Do you want to provide them (and your business) with peace of mind?

Protecting your employees from identity theft via a trusted protection plan has multiple levels of impact. Not only is identity theft protection a great benefit to showcase when making new hires, it allows your current employees to stay focused and productive at work, knowing that this area of their personal life is covered. 

According to, nearly 15 million Americans were hit by identity theft in 2018, that’s 4.5%, or about 1 in 20. Victims of identity theft often spend lots of time and money fighting to recover their identity, and distraction from the workplace is a natural byproduct. 

By including identity theft protection as an employee benefit, you protect your people and your business.

Plan Features

Security Monitoring

We monitor your credit reports and provides instant alerts about any changes related to 12 key elements of identity theft and fraudulent activity. We offer both one bureau and three bureau monitoring plans. 

Privacy Monitoring

We’ll monitor for any suspicious activity in the most commonly targeted pieces of personal information, such as: name, SSN, date of birth, passport and driver’s license, medical records and more

Social Media Monitoring

We monitor major social media accounts for privacy risks reputational risks

Identity Restoration

If you are a victim of identity theft, fraud or other financial crimes, our US based, licensed private investigators will work under a Power of Attorney to restore your identity and reputation to it’s former position, handling everything for you. 

Consultation Services

Members can speak with an identity theft specialist to get advice about any theft or fraud concerns. You get as much consultation time as you need. 

Protecting your employees protects your business, schedule your consultation today!

Personal & Family Identity Theft Plans for Employees

Covers: Policy holder and immediate family (with family plan)