Gun Owner Supplement

LegalShield is here to protect your gun rights.​

You carry a gun because you believe in the rights granted by the U.S. Constitution. LegalShield believes every person should have access to the legal system.

Gun Owners Supplement offers the following benefits of protection:

Advice and Consultation

  • Gun owner rights
  • Carry and license requirements
  • Advice on where carrying your concealed firearm is allowed
  • Advice on where carrying your firearm is openly allowed
  • Recent changes in gun laws

Emergency Access for a Firearm Incident*
24/7 toll-free access to a provider lawyer for consultation in the event of a covered firearm incident
(*exclusions apply, see plan for details)

Trial Defense for Gun Related Matters**
(**exclusions apply, see plan for details)

  • Defense of covered civil and criminal lawsuits filed in state or federal court
  • 60 total hours for covered lawsuits (20 hours pre-trial and 40 hours trial per plan year)

NFA Gun Trust Services
One (1) NFA Gun Trust prepared by your provider law firm per membership year for a flat fee of $250

25% Discount
As a member, you are entitled to a 25% discount off the provider lawyer’s standard hourly rate for additional trial defense services and/or grand jury investigations, related to a covered firearm incident.

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Personal Gun Owner Supplement

$14.95 per month (added to your legal plan)